Most media outlets around the state bend over backwards to share only the positive news about the great state of Oklahoma. That's just not my style.

Without the dark, there is no light. If there were no sadness in this world, there would be no joy. Life is cyclical and there has to be a balance. While I'm always happy to expose the best of Oklahoma, because there's really no shortage of good things here, I'm also obliged to present to you the twenty Oklahoma towns that suck to live in.

If you're just some random Karen from some podunk, dirt road, midwestern town that nobody has heard of and you think is the best ever... and your plan is to find Lawton on this list so you can share with everyone back home for a little impotent internet sympathy and hollow social media karma for your landing here, let me spoil it for you right now. Of all the sucky towns you could have moved to, Lawton isn't considered one of them.

Ironically, almost all of the towns dubbed "The Suckiest" on this list exist almost exclusively on the Eastern side of the state. If you remember back when the list of Oklahoma's most redneck towns came out, those were almost all Eastern OK towns too. Must be something in the water on that side of I-35 keeping everybody grounded to the earth with their bare feet.

Also, before you just assume I'm being mean-spirited listing a bunch of lesser meth-capitals in Eastern Oklahoma and saying they suck in my own opinion, that's not true either. This list was compiled by the brilliant minds at Money Inc.

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