It seems that more and more people tune in to the biggest sporting event of the year for the commercials. At $5million per thirty seconds, companies have to bring their A-Game!

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    Mtn Dew Ice

    I'm not sure if it was as hilarious as it was out of left field, but Morgan Freeman lip-syncing Missy Elliot is pure gold.

    Now during the game, they actually teamed up with Doritos to co-op a longer spot, but reviews on that particular thirty seconds didn't exactly shine through.

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    Amazon Alexa

    The premise is Alexa loses her voice, so various celebrities fill in. Hilarity ensues!

    When that guy asks how to cook a grilled cheese, and Gordon Ramsey cuts loose on him, we all collectively lost it! But then you start to think 'How awesome would it be to have a personality based digital assistant like that?'

  • Honorable Mention


    Watching the game last night, it seemed that Tide commercials were everywhere! I can't even imagine how much money they poured into that. But, when you unexpectedly become a beloved cross-over snack food, I guess you have the money to throw around like that.

    And they did a pretty good job coming up with random ideas and throw-backs. Like in this commercial they literally pulled out of an Old Spice ad.


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    It might be the Jeep guy inside me, or the advertising nerd, but this commercial was pure. No sales pitch, no promises... Simply, look what this Jeep can do.

    Of course, taking that subtle shot across the bow at other car companies didn't hurt.

    While it wasn't the only Jeep commercial, it was the only one I personally thought about after it happened. Kudos.

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