You've read about from sources like TechInsider, CNet, and countless others over the years... Apple seems to be driven by marketing rather than innovation. That's not to say they didn't completely change the world with their original smartphone, but it seems the tech is lacking more with every new product they produce.

You can read through the comments on the video above and just wonder how a company can seemingly stay on top with, basically, the same old repackaged product. Honestly, it's like watching KISS put out a new box set. It's music you've already got, pics you've already seen, and stories you've already heard... but it's new. Perhaps, as American's, we're too driven by consumerism. Always wanting the biggest when the best is sitting around waiting to be picked up. For the longest time, Samsung was our dark knight. The hero of a company that set out to produce the better product at a cheaper price, and they did that very well for a while. The relatively new iPencil was a feature built into Samsung phones back in 2011. Water resistant and waterproof devices came soon after, but soon after that, something changed across the industry. As if people cared more about a logo or a brand more than capabilities. So much so that our dark knight soon gave in to the norms of modern business. With a new mission statement of revenue over innovation. The driving thought that it's not enough to make money... but rather to make gigantic piles of money, and by any means necessary. Even if it means disrupting the legacy and reputation you've built with the consumer. While the above is probably pretty true, others are forging a different path. None of them seem to realize the inevitable nature of humans though. The more development they make, the more we, as humans, will resist. Apple and Samsung will eventually go the way of Blackberry and Nokia, only to be left sitting on the sideline with the hindsight of what they should have done. It's a harsh reality, but somehow hauntingly poetic.

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