It's been a hot minute since Oklahoma announced they were cutting turnpike jobs by going cashless. As of today, June 21st, cashless plate pay has hit the H.E. Bailey turnpike between Lawton and OKC.

If you still don't have a PikePass, you can still drive the turnpike. Now, every time you drive through the toll booths, the government will take a photo of you driving your vehicle and your license plate to bill you for it. They'll mail your bill to the address on your plate.

While many people refuse a PikePass due to a fear of government overreach and spying in your own vehicle, toss away your smartphone too. Having a PikePass is much cheaper than plate pay.

Mikaela Heminger
Mikaela Heminger

Even though the H.E. Bailey is now cashless between Lawton and OKC, it doesn't yet include all of the toll booths. This is strictly for the two toll booths directly North and South of Chickasha and the Norman Spur toll booths.

If you're exiting or entering the turnpike at Elgin, Chickasha, Bridge Creek, or Blanchard, those will not make the transition to cashless/plate pay until early July according to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Additionally, the Walters toll booth between Lawton and Wichita Falls won't become cashless until late July.

By the time August rolls around (if they don't encounter a hiccup), you won't have to stop and pay a toll from here until we manage to end the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and their neverending charging for roads in Oklahoma. Given the current state of the H.E. Bailey, I'm shocked we haven't class-actioned the OTA over vehicle wear-and-tear.

Here's the official release.

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