Every year, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge does a big round-up of the parks larger animals to sell off what the land cannot support. If you remember, they sold 100 longhorn cattle in September. October is the traditional time to auction off the big guys, the unbelievably recovered American Bison. These animals are 1200-2200 pounds of some of the most delicious lean protein you can find on the continent. Others say it's elk, even less insist it's moose. Whichever you prefer, good luck finding any of that for sale in these woods.

The best part is, the auction isn't the only thing happening at this event. It's very family friendly with things for your kids to do. They can explore the Oklahoma Refuge Trailer, participate in the Wildlife Olympics, and learn a ton about our unique nature in SWOK.

You can follow the link above to the event page, or just click here.

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