It's March Madness, and we're ranking the stuff that really matters -- animals, cartoons, retro snacks and memes.

This is it – the Final Four!

Jell-O Pudding Pops iced Doritos 3Ds, pulverizing them into nacho-flavored powder. The old adage that "nothing tastes as good as sugar + food coloring + spit" holds true, as Fun-Dip beat out C3POs Cereal. Fruitopia goes on to seek a perfect victory as Crystal Pepsi fizzes out. And finally, Kool-Aid Bursts leave Tang behind in the '60s as they continue their burst towards the finish line.

Let's head into Round 3!

TheFW Old School ROUND3
Christine Gritmon


Which slobbery snack do we want all over our fingers, Jell-O Pudding Pops or Fun-Dip? And will Fruitopia or Kool-Aid Bursts ultimately taste the sweet artificial fruit of victory? Vote, and help us determine which TWO Old-School Refreshments will make it to our final matchup!

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