In an effort to strip bias from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC, people are asking for new moderators this year. While there are a ton of names being thrown out there for consideration, only one has landed a petition on the front page of

Joe Rogan.

The man has become almost legendary for his constantly improving interview skills. His Joe Rogan Experience YouTube/Podcast thing is ridiculously popular, but even through the laughable moments, it holds up as generally moderate and unbias. Granted, there are issues Joe may care about more than others, and he may be outspoken about those issues, but they rarely enter the realm of his interviews. That makes him a solid candidate for an unbias debate.

The petition is written as so:

We are petitioning for the Commission on the Presidential Debates to elect Joe Rogan as one of the moderators for the 2020 Presidential Debate. Here are the reasons why we believe this would be a great decision:


1. Joe Rogan is a widely respected host who has hosted interviews with politicians, economists, scientists, and other popular figures, who come from various walks of life.


2. Joe Rogan has experience with interviewing both progressive and conservative thinkers. Figures such as Andrew Yang (D), Tulsi Gabbard (D), Kyle Kulinski (D), Gary Johnson (L), Benjamin Shapiro (R), and Candace Owens (R), have all appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" program.


3. Joe Rogan has an audience containing viewers from all areas of the political spectrum. Joe Rogan is not registered under any political party and is well-known for having civil, productive, and interesting, conversations about political issues without partisan bias.


Please help us in our goal to elect Joe Rogan as one of the moderators for the 2020 Presidential Debate! Rogan would make a great moderator and would draw in more interested viewers for the debate.

Odds of this happening are slim to none, but it's nice to think there are purple political moderates still left in this red and blue country.

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