I guess the hot topic today is "Which car wash is the best in Lawton?" and there's no shortage of opinions to go around.

If you didn't know, car washes popped up about eight years ago as one of the next "fast-growing, profit-producing" small business trends in America. I remember reading the article myself wondering if I should invest in and build, but the upkeep, staffing, and overhead estimates were shockingly high, so I turned the page.

I suppose if you base your business on mechanical technology, that upkeep and overhead is just something you have to live with as a business owner... but that ideal success is hinged on having a proactive proprietor self-involved in the daily mix of operations, right? So as time goes by, if you're not constantly on top of quality control, the end results tend to wane for the consumer...

While I'm sure every Jared and Karen on Facebook will sit around arguing with each other about which car wash is the "best" car wash in town, the answer is obvious... If we're talking about the kind you drive-thru, it's almost always "the newest one," but even then, that doesn't equate to having a clean car.

Automated car washes aren't designed to clean cars... they're designed to keep cars clean as a part of general maintenance. If you wash often and your vehicle doesn't get super dirty, you'll get great results every time... if you wash once a year, don't be surprised it takes a few trips through a few different washes to clean your car. Even a brand-new car wash will have trouble cleaning old dirt. It's the nature of how things work.

For instance, I like the convenience of not having to wash my car in my driveway, so I'll swing through the car wash every other fillup unless I've gotten it dirty between those regular intervals. The newer gas stations have the newest washes, and I'll be honest, they do as good of a job as the big independent places did when they were new for nearly half the price... but as time wears on, it's fair to expect that result will dull with age.

If you really wanted the best clean for the cheapest price, you'll do it yourself. Grab a bucket and a wash mitt, get out in the driveway and go to town. Nobody will treat your vehicle as good as you will, and you can't complain about your own handiwork.

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