When it comes to owning a home, the process is usually the same. As the buyer, you go into the process looking to spend as little as possible to fill your needs, the lender lets you know what your maximum price cap is, and the realtor usually only shows you homes in that maximum price range. It's stressful... but what if you could buy a home for the cash you might already have in your bank account? It's probably not advisable, but if that's what you're looking for, here is the cheapest house in Lawton.

Located at 1614 Southwest C Avenue, this baby blue vintage gem of a home is awaiting new ownership, priced to sell at just $2490 total cost... plus the realtor fees and junk. It features around 700 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen probably, and more than likely some sort of a living room type area. I know it may seem a little small, but if you're a small family or a wolf pack of one, it could be the craftsman special you're looking for.

Can you believe that price? $2500-ish and you're a homeowner. It's especially exciting if you like to do DIY project because odds are, this little home will need at least one of everything. While there are no interior pictures, the boarded up windows and giant hole in the roof don't exactly inspire confidence, but the neighborhood is at least sort of cool. I spent the first five years living in Lawton around 13th and B Ave, and it was awesome. Neighbors that talked to each other, little block parties, and it was within walking distance of work.

If you're up for the biggest and likely most stressful challenge of your life, by all means. It'd almost be worth it to bulldoze and put in a cheap shotgun duplex as a rental property... if and when lumber prices come down to normal.

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