We all know celebrities have been wearing metal shirts as a fashion statement lately, but it looks like inspiration from the metal world is leaking into mainstream concerts too! The clip above shows one of the sickest pits we’ve ever seen… and it’s from an EDM show.

How do walls of death and EDM mix? Pretty damn well, apparently. During a live performance by popular electronic artist DJ Snake, his massive audience went berserk and got the pit moving like a Wacken or Hellfest crowd.

We don’t know much about DJ Snake, but the dude has over four million followers on Facebook. A quick YouTube search shows how massively popular DJ Snake is also, with multiple videos boasting hundreds of millions of views. The video for Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s “Lean On” has even accumulated over two billion plays.

When a gigantic crowd gathers to watch DJ Snake, one might imagine a lot of dancing and bouncing in the crowd, but this video depicts a full-on war zone! Wall of death inventors Sick of it All and modern innovators Lamb of God would be proud watching this footage, which can be compared to the most insane metal pits ever witnessed.

Check out the footage above and you may find yourself flashing the horns with a newfound respect for EDM and the genre’s craziest fans.

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