While most lawful gun owners toss their locks away when they get a new gun, not everybody can do that. If you don't own a proper safe or cabinet, a gun lock might be the best option until you can pick up a proper method of storing a firearm... but not all gun locks are equal. Most of them are quite boring, unchanged for decades. Looks like a padlock, but has a cable on it that snakes up through the action of the gun, rendering the firearm useless, or what we call in a "State of Taurus" until unlocked.

Naturally, people typically spend money on form rather than function. In this case, it's a new gimmick that is sold to give people a false sense of security when it comes to their freedom seed planters. Seems well designed, the barrel becomes full, and the cartridge physically locks the slide closed, but it doesn't do the job it's been terribly designed to do. It literally can be opened with a stick.

When it comes to something that can be as important as this, skip how good it looks. Ask yourself if it works. Research it online, then make and informed decision to just break down and purchase a proper safe to store your fun stuff in.

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