If you look around on social media, there is no shortage of opinions when it comes to what should happen, how something should happen, and why whatever is happening is the "worst idea ever." I'm sure you've seen posts like this too.

While these all seem to be differentiated among topics, spaces, and whatever socially acceptable overtone you interpret, the one thing that remains the same is this... The same people that have these "great" ideas of how things should be are never the ones rolling up their sleeves and doing the work.

It was amazing to read through the comments on the K-Mart building post on the grapevine. The building has been empty for at least a decade and when someone finally gathers up the gumption to allegedly make use of it, the least ambitious people in the community are the first to complain about it.

The old K-Mart is rumored to become a U-Haul storage center, and while some people complain about what it could have been, it's probably a smart choice when you map out where all the big storage places are. It's literally in the middle of town and in a location where you're least likely to get shivved.

Would it have been cooler to see an Incredible Pizza go in there? Absolutely. A Burlington Coat Factory? Sure. A Best Buy? Who is buying electronics in person this day in age? Honestly, all that's available online.

While normal people saw this news and commented positive or at least neutral feelings towards the move to equip one of Lawton's biggest unused properties, it was also met with tons of negativity from Karen's and Jared's all over this town.

They could have made that place something else besides that


Lame, they could've done something WAYYYY cooler to that building


And they wonder why we aint got s**t here to do, they could've turned it into something worth keeping around


That really sucks come on lawton!???


Great a new place to store rats,mice,roaches,and bedbugs


I would have loved to see that turned into a you g adult hang out… like a skating rink.. some concessions, music, pool tables ect. We need something for the young kids.

So much negativity and poor grammar from these deep-thinkers. A glaring example of "impotent ambition." Good ideas without anyone willing to roll up a sleeve.

Used to be, people were encouraged to be the change they wanted to see in this world. Some Millennials are discovering that in becoming entrepreneurs themselves, but there's still a disconnect between people that want to work to improve the community and those that believe they can wish it into existence.

Like a wise man once said, "Wish in one hand, crap in the other. See which one fills up first."

Instead of making excuses of why you can't follow through on your own good ideas, maybe try to do things the old-fashioned way... Get some like-minded individuals together, pool your resources, and make it happen. The American Dream isn't getting what you want at the mere mention of a wishlist... it's the sweet reward you obtain through the struggle and hardship that is making things happen. It's a shame people aren't taught that these days.

In the meantime, I guess the old adage will still suffice... Put up or shut up. If you have nothing of value to add to a conversation, it's probably best to just let the adults speak.

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