Estranged Blink-182 guitarist / vocalist Tom DeLonge has received a UFO Researcher of the Year award from the International UFO Congress for his work and interest regarding extraterrestrial life.

One of the biggest news stories of 2016 was the Wikileaks reveal of over 30,000 Hillary Clinton campaign emails. Within those documents showed emails sent from DeLonge to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, attempting to obtain a meeting to discuss UFOs. DeLonge has held a longtime interest in extraterrestrials, claiming to “know stuff I can’t talk about.

“It is apparent that DeLonge has had high-level meetings regarding UFOs,” an Open Minds video states. “And he says he is in the process of developing media projects that will reveal what he has discovered.”

“It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a year or two,” DeLonge says in his acceptance speech. “There’s a lot that I can’t say, but there’s some that I can. And I’m so appreciative that I’ve been acknowledged for this stuff, but I’m not done. I’m just like you guys. I spent 20 years up all night, reading about Roswell, Dulce, Serpo, Churchill, the crashes here, Nazis building craft there, Antarctica, what’s on Mars, what’s on the back of the moon, anomalous structures. I mean, I’ve done it all. I know it all.”

DeLonge says he’ll be making an announcement within the next 60 days regarding his future work on the subject. “I want you all to know, in the UFO community, that whoever’s passionate about this paradigm shifting subject matter, I need you all to look really closely at that announcement, and I need you to be a part of it because what that announcement is about is so much more than it looks like on the surface,” DeLonge adds. “I need you guys to come along for the ride.”

Watch Tom DeLonge’s full UFO Researcher of the Year presentation along with the musician’s speech above.

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