For the 25th anniversary of Vulgar Display of Power, we got all three surviving Pantera members into our studio to reminisce about their most iconic record. In this clip, drummer Vinnie Paul shares some of his favorite Vulgar memories.

For the first edition of our Loudwire Legacy series, we interviewed Vulgar Display of Power producer Terry Date, album cover photographer Brad Guice and dozens of metal’s biggest artists. When Vinnie Paul sat down with us, he spoke about Pantera beginning to take over the world of metal.

Vinnie reminisced about being invited to perform at Russia’s massive Monsters of Rock fest in 1991. Having almost finished the recording process for Vulgar, Pantera were unknown in Russia, but won over the million-person crowd as support for Metallica and AC/DC.

“It was a very, very, very focused record and it was a very, very heavy record,” Paul said. “And the highest it ever got on Billboard was No. 42, people find that hard to believe. Our next record, Far Beyond Driven — No. 1 — but that record only got to No. 42.”

Watch our exclusive clip with Vinnie Paul above and our entire Loudwire Legacy documentary on Vulgar Display of Power below!

Watch the Loudwire Legacy Documentary on Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power'

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