Nearing six months since the unexplained loss of Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines has launched an add campaign asking Australian and New Zealand customers to describe in 500 words or less, "What and where would you like to kick off on your bucket list, and explain why?". The prize for 16 winners was an iPad or return tickets to Malaysia.

Hit by plunging ticket sales after the March 8 disaster and the July 17 downing of another passenger jet over Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines has slapped discounts on some routes and launched special offers, while almost doubling commission payments to Australia-based travel agents to revive sales there.

Malaysia Airlines has changed the wording of the online contest called "My Ultimate Bucket List" after Internet users derided the campaign as insensitive following two disasters suffered by the airline this year that claimed 537 lives. By Wednesday, the original link to the "Bucket List" contest had been removed from the airline's website. The contest was still being offered, with less fanfare, asking contestants to describe destinations and activities on their "to-do" list.

A bucket list commonly refers to things one wants to do or see before dying.

A Malaysia Airlines spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

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