It never ceases to amaze me what you can find in Oklahoma waters. I've reeled in freshwater clams, truck seats, a whole bathtub, a handful of snakes, but never anything like this! It's a toothy fish called a Pacu, and if you used to watch River Monsters, you know what they have a habit of latching onto.

While I can't find the specific clip, lets just say that these omnivorous don't just bite down on the nuts that fall from the trees along the river... Not as scary looking as their piranha cousins, but more of a threat to humans. (seriously, piranhas don't just eat people... they like dead stuff)

Just like the lesson we had to be reminded of when LPD pulled that alligator out of Liberty Lake, if you want to set your pets free, do so with fire. You can fry just about anything.

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