As we embark on our 238th Independence Day weekend, let's dive into five flicks you can't help but watch again over this patriotic weekend.

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    Independence Day

    Let's just go ahead and throw this movie out in the open. You knew it was going to be somewhere in the list, and it should be. It's a classic July 4th film.

    You've got Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum starring in roles they absolutely nail... A ton of other great actors supporting... Aliens, firefights, war, two different love stories, and fireworks! Independence Day oozes "America!"

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    Saving Private Ryan

    Saving Private Ryan was one of those movies you wanted to see, but really had no idea what to expect.

    True depictions of the violence soldiers experienced throughout WWII were sort of taboo post war. Most people didn't like talking about, and films really didn't go too far into detail like we find in this movie. Most movie-goers left the theater feeling a little shock, learning what horrors each soldier endured.

    Rightfully so, a big part of the emotional journey this film takes you on is Tom Hanks and a superb cast of characters. Emotional connection is almost immediate.

    From the moment the gate drops on the troop transport at Omaha beach, to the P-51's swooping in to save the bridge at Ramelle, you can't help but feel patriotic watching this great movie.


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    The Sandlot

    The Sandlot is one of those coming-of-age comedies that let us peek into a time when the world spun just a little slower.

    It was a time before video games and 24 hour news channels soured us into the modern 'must be entertained' people we are. Back when you knew all of your neighbors. Kids played outside, and you didn't worry about them when they went to the park alone.

    This movie captures every bit of the Americana we love to reminisce about, and none of the bad. Some don't like 'feel-good' movies, but I've never met a person that didn't love The Sandlot.

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    The Patriot

    It was years after I first saw this movie that I realized that one of our most patriotic movies of all time starred a couple of Australians, acting like British expatriated Americans. It really does boggle the mind.

    Never the less, the brilliant writing adapted into some stellar performances by the full cast. Even the minor supporting actors had fantastic story lines.

    Every scene was perfectly executed, nothing dragged on too long, and when the final battle wrapped up with that colonist teen running the American flag across the battlefield in full slow-motion awesomeness... you felt a swelling of pride.

    Every American should be required to own this movie.

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    Forrest Gump

    What might be the biggest curve-ball on the list just might be my number one pick. This movie was absolutely fantastic, and honestly, there's not a 'bad time' of the year to watch this movie.

    If we didn't know before it came out, we all came to realize that Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of all time. Literally, everything he stars in is golden. Now, part of that is him picking parts that fit him, but his career is filled with diverse and unique roles. Most notably, his role as Forrest Gump. A true American classic.


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