As we watched a pretty stellar Super Bowl last night, lets walk down memory lane and check out the 5 best shows from the past!

As with any Super Bowl halftime show, I have to say this going in... Along with the awesome acts, sometimes you must suffer through the bad... They can't all be rockers, but that doesn't make it less cool... Entertainment is entertainment.

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    Aerosmith at Super Bowl 35 - 2001

    Sure, this halftime show featured the teenie-boppers popular that the time, but Aerosmith definitely 'won' the halftime show.

    They were spot on with the performance, and graced America with their only #1 hit to date... "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from Armageddon... amongst other Aerosmith classics.

    As if that wasn't good enough, we all got to watch Britney Spears shake her smokin-hot booty for a few minutes... It was a good show.

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    Super Bowl 32 - The Blues Brothers - 1997

    In the 90's, the Super Bowl halftime show we know today was still a new concept. In fact, up until 1990, all the halftime shows had been done by comedy acts and marching bands. It wasn't until '91 that some executive realized the promotional value this 20 minutes offers.

    Fast forward to 1997, the coolest halftime show to date happened, and it was a throwback to the glory days of awesome. Dan Aykroyd had his new Blue Brothers 2000 flick coming out, and had the brilliant idea to promote it through a stellar halftime show!

    It was hit with mixed reactions. Naturally, he was almost hated for reviving 'Blues Brothers' without John Belushi, but he skirted around it by drafting John's brother Jim Belushi. Throw in John Goodman, and I really dug it.

    They came out, put on one of the first true Super Bowl productions, and set the bar higher for everyone that would follow.

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    Super Bowl 36 - The 9-11 Tribute - 2002

    Yes, U2 was the performer for this halftime show, and they did a good job overall... but the real 'moment' everyone remembers is the 9-11 tribute they rolled out for America.

    Even though the game was almost 5 months after the attacks, the country was still healing. I think the producers in the 2002 Super Bowl did a tremendous job with the mid-show entertainment. Like a good thrill ride, it had its low, somber moments... but the tears eventually gave way to pure American pride by the end.

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    Paul McCartney - Super Bowl 39 - 2005

    Just a year after the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake debacle, the Super Bowl producers decided to play it safe. They enlisted the one and only Paul McCartney to roll out some classic Beatles and solo hits.

    While everyone was expecting an aging 'too old to rock' star from days past, nobody walked away feeling ripped off. Sir Paul McCartney still had it (and still does a decade later!) It almost became #1 on the list, but one other act took the top spot.


    Janet & Justin - Super Bowl 38 - 2004

    Obviously, no Super Bowl halftime show list is complete without the most infamous show to ever hit live tv...

    That little 'wardrobe malfunction' happened so quick, and for such a short moment in time, it literally left ever person watching with a sense of "what just happened?"

    The incident, for a long time, pretty much ruined broadcasting for both the tv and radio industries. As expected, our clueless legislator politicians started writing & passing knee-jerk censorship legislation because of one little boob.

    The FCC increased fines from $2,500 per offense to $250,000 per offense... this is why you don't see anything truly awesome on network television these days. Every time someone starts pushing the envelope, the government rears their head and disdain, eventually toppling what could have been priceless entertainment.

    While it took a long time to get out of the censorship woes funk of live television risks, the Super Bowl did recover. After years of stale, safe, old performers... the finally brought relevant artists back in 2011 with Slash, Black Eyed Peas, and Usher in Dallas.


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    The Who - Super Bowl 44 - 2010

    Barely edging out Sir Paul McCartney for the top spot, The Who came out swinging in 2010 and gave a stellar performance to the masses!

    Sure, some said Roger Daltrey couldn't sing... others said Pete Townshend was too old to play... even more said The Who couldn't be The Who without Kieth Moon... but 30 seconds into the show, all the critics shut their filthy mouths.

    The Who brought the house down in style!


    Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show with Katy Perry

    I was sitting in a bar last night with a few hundred people talking, laughing, and generally being loud. Talking about the game, debating who will win, and it happened.

    Unbelievably, the halftime show kicked off, Katy Perry broke into one of her songs, and the entire bar went silent!

    Guys old and young, women, and even the staff were just watching the tv with a sense of shock. The pop starlet had captured the room.

    I won't lie, I thought it was fantastic. Riding in on a giant tiger, dueting with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot, and putting on an enormous production complete with those awesome dancing sharks! This might have been the biggest halftime show we've ever seen.

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