When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone knows that not all candy is created equal. Of course, it'd be awesome if every house gave out full size candies, but we'll let District 1 have their moments of popularity one day a year and talk instead about what no house should hand out when All Hallows Eve arrives.

Let me just say before we begin... One of the most highly debated candies on this list is those little peanut butter candies that comes wrapped in the waxy black or orange wrappers, no name, but traditional to the holiday each year... I don't like them, but as a kid, when you reach the end of the sack, they'll be eaten. Not terrible, but not delicious either. It would be on this list, but it missed the 5 spot by one vote... so if you enjoy them, buy them for yourself, but keep them for yourself too.

  • sara_winter

    Peanut Butter Cups

    I know what you're thinking, but hear me out... Just like candy, not all peanut butter cups are created equal. At the store, individually or in the big sacks of mixed goods, odds are you'll find singularly wrapped full sized peanut butter cups. These suck. I always thought it was just me, but then others agreed to what I thought would be an unpopular opinion about them. There's just something "off" about the taste of them.

    On the flip side, the little Reese's Mini's are always awesome. Just a bite is enough for these, and that crumbly peanut butter is just perfect in the smaller ones. If you're looking to give the goods, don't give the full-size bads.

  • dschnarrs

    Caramel Apples

    Once again, before you say something stupid like "Nobody gives those out!" understand that people still give out store-bought, individually wrapped caramel apples each year. I know, mind blown... but this is the type of treat that belongs in your own home. This isn't a treat... it's a last minute, keep the kids entertained for one more night kind of activity, because you don't give fruit for Halloween. Period.

  • David Paul Morris
    David Paul Morris

    Jelly Beans

    Looking to boost sales of a traditional Easter candy, jelly bean makers started marketing these little sugar nuggets to the ghouls decades ago, not realizing that people really don't enjoy jelly beans across the board.

    There's a huge difference between the sweet beans in Spring, and the cold, hard, licorice flavored beans in Fall. They don't work as a Halloween treat, stop forcing it on kids.

  • icelandr


    Since we're already on the licorice topic with the beans, licorice is an adult type treat. If you end up with some in your bag, whether it be no-name, Twizzlers, or RedVines, you might set those back and hand those to the parents as they accompany their kids around the block. It's literally the coffee of candies.

  • arinahabich

    Candy Corn

    Here's another highly debated candy on the list, but ultimately voted the worst candy to receive in your bag at the end of the night.

    Yes, there are people who love candy corn... that doesn't mean everyone enjoys candy corn. It's another type of candy that will live in the sack until it's nearly empty. And the only reason it will get eaten is it's sugar, and the only thing left in the bag... by which time, it will be hard and unpalatable.

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