It doesn't matter if you rent a house, own your home, stayed over at a friends place, etc... You've heard random and strange noises from time to time. It's one of those first-world-problems that is usually pretty easy to sort out, ie - the gas burner on the water heater firing up, the clicking of a thermostat, the crackling sound a modern fridge makes when it melts off its own frost and evaporates it into steam on the hotplate mounted in the base of it... Also, why does "Fridge" had a D in it but "Refrigerator" doesn't? That makes no sense at all. The point being, getting to know the sounds of a home isn't that hard.

As an example, I had to track down this big bang that happened on random mornings this past spring. Every morning, I'm sitting there having my coffee-free-cold-bottled-coffee and suddenly, it sounds like a gun shot. What in the world could that be?

Backstory... I have a typical Lawton 1980's home. It's brick up to the roof line and cedar shiplap on the gable ends. As it turns out, during the spring time when it's cold in the 40's overnight, but getting into the 60's during the day, as the sun comes up and hits the gable end above my kitchen, the rapid temperature change swells the cedar wood boards and makes them flex unnaturally. That loud gun shot sound is the almost forty year old nails that hold the cedar boards on inching out of the structure. It happens in a split second, startled me every time, and took me a week to find as it only happens once on those random days when conditions were just right.

This guy in the video found a crawlspace. I know, he called it a basement, but take it easy on him... He doesn't appear to be the type to know basic construction. I'm just glad it wasn't the longest jump-scare video on YouTube. People that repost those are evil.

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