Bowl games are a great time for players to experience new places and new thing. Most of these are positive and enlightening. But sometimes, those experiences get out of control.

In this case Trevone Boykin's bowl experiences are probably ones he did not want to have.

According to Channel 4 News in San Antonio, TCU's Boykin has been arrested in San Antonio, two days before the Horned Frogs face Oregon in the Alamo Bowl.

San Antonio police say the quarterback was arrested following a fight at Pat O'Brien's, located at 242 Losoya Street. Police say the scuffle started when people in the bar recognized Boykin and exchanged words.

Boykin threw an errant punch that was intercepted by a bar employee instead of its intended target. As bar security worked to stop the fight, the crowd moved outside where police say bike officers arrived on the scene. As they arrived, Boykin was swinging and struck an officer.

Boykin finally calmed down when threatened with a taser, according to police. Boykin is in town for the Alamo Bowl on Saturday, January 2.

Initial reports had Boykin being charged with assault of a public official, resisting arrest, and public intoxication. According to Brian New of CBS and the tweet below, Boykin has been formally charged with assault on a public official, which is a 3rd degree felony.

More charges may follow, but for now it's safe to assume Boykin has played his last game as a Horned Frog, though no official decision has been made by the team yet.

TCU issued the following response to the situation: "We are aware of a situation last night and are gathering information. We will continue to closely monitor this and evaluate additional details as they become available."

We'll update the story as more information comes out.

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