'True Blood' is one of the hottest shows on TV, so anticipation for Season 6 of the HBO vampire drama is at an all-time high. The new season premieres June 16 at 9PM ET, and the trailer is full of Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse, tension and dark thrills, but there's a soulful song that tempers some of the blustery, nerve-wracking action.

That track is Delta Rae's 'Bottom of the River.' The song appears on the Americana/folk rock band's 2012-issued, Warner Bros. debut album, 'Carry the Fire.'

The North Carolina band is comprised of three siblings (Ian, Eric and Brittany Holljes) and three additional members. Together, they stir a musical cauldron full of blues, rock, soul, folk and Americana.

They take their name from a fictional character that Ma Holljes planned to write a story about. Said character was a southern gal who was able to bring the Greek gods to this earthly plane.

Delta Rae will spend much of their summer of 2013 keeping extremely busy and living on the road, hitting up a variety of festivals, such as Hangout (Alabama); Bonnaroo (Tennessee); Firefly (Delaware); Kanrocksas (Kansas); and Bunbury (Ohio), among several others. They are bound to get a boost in public interest in their band, thanks to their track being licensed for such a popular TV show.

Watch the 'True Blood' Season 6 Trailer Featuring Delta Rae

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