Since we're quickly moving into the spooky season with anticipation as high as the summer temps have been, this supposedly haunted cemetery is worth mentioning.

Rumor has it that people who visit the Tucker Cemetery in Southwest Oklahoma walk away having experienced true supernatural terror. Stories have been shared about strange voices, babies laughing and crying, and even randomly moving headstones.

There is also an underground cellar in the cemetery with a really dark rumor about its construction. Would you be brave enough to take a walk through a place like that at night?

Tucker Cemetery is just south of Duncan, Oklahoma, but whether a place is legitimately haunted or not, you can't deny the creep factor is running in the red at a place like this.


It's not the oldest cemetery in the state, the earliest date on the grave markers reads 1899. Then again, there are several headstones that are without dates that could feasibly be from an earlier point in time than that.

The logical explanation would be a simple case of weather erosion, but others claim victims buried here are erasing their own history since they still walk the area undead. The last known burial in Tucker Cemetery happened in 1984, and the stories grow from there.

In the daytime, it just seems like any other open area of Southwest Oklahoma.

It's only after dark that this place starts playing tricks on your imagination.

It's been a popular haunt for the bravest of people over the years. Plenty of ghost stories come out of teenagers just hanging out, and the property shows signs of this. Specifically, the graffiti down in the haunted cellar... but most stories, no matter how wild they are, can usually be traced to at least one honest real-life moment.

The people that have visited this place say they've heard weird voices, chanting in tongues, babies laughing and crying... the typical city-dwellers experiencing the country-type stuff. Some people even say they get somewhat tripped up walking through the graveyard as if something or someone is grabbing at their feet.

Posted: Keep Out

As much as we all love putting our own bravery and courage to the test, Tucker Cemetery is now posted as private property and they won't take kindly to trespassers... but the owners have allowed people in over the years that make the effort to ask for permission.

We are months away from another epic Halloween, so you have the time to reach out and make a plan to explore this place. Let's just hope you walk away from the experience unscathed.

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