How would you like to become pen pals with a buffalo? Okay, okay I know technically they're called American Bison. But around here we call them buffalo, or at least most of us do anyway. There's a herd of bison in N.E. Oklahoma who are getting a lot of fan mail and even sending out postcards and letters to their fans. These buffalo enjoy receiving mail and would like for you to send them a letter. You can ask questions or just tell them about yourself. Who knows you might get a letter back and start a beautiful friendship!

The family and I have been scoping out places to go this Spring/Summer for day-cations and stay-cations. While looking up museums I found the Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum in Pawnee, OK. It's just a short two and a half hours away from Lawton, Fort Sill. It would be a great place to go for a family day-cation. While getting some more information about the museum I went to their official Facebook page. That's when I saw it. You can write letters to their bison herd and become pen pals with a buffalo. How cool is that?

I know as a kid I would have loved being pen pals with a bison. Honestly, even now it sounds awesome! If you're interested you can write to them just address it to: The Bison Herd at P.O. Box 493 Pawnee, OK 74058. The kids are going to love this, especially after our visit they can write them a quick letter to let them know how much they enjoyed it. If you go to the Pawnee Bill Ranch Facebook page they have pictures of the buffalo reading their mail, or having it read to them. The family and I will definitely be making a trip to the Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum this Summer. We'll write a quick note to let them know we're coming.

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