A roller coaster malfunction left 12 park goers were stranded 167 feet on the ride for three hours until they could be rescued.

The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket in Universal Studios Park encountered a glitch in the computer system that forced the ride to enter 'safety mode' stopping the thrill ride in it's tracks.

Orlando Deputy Fire Chief Roderick McKenzie told ABC News that one person suffered transported to the hospital due to 'mental exhaustion' after being stuck in a vertical position on the ride for three hours.

"The ride was going in the up position at a 90-degree angle when it stopped," McKenzie said. "It was just a long, tedious process to get everybody out and secure safely and to a safe platform so we could extricate them."

Another guest sustained minor injuries when the ride was suddenly halted, their injuries were treated at the park and they were later released.


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