If one thing has plagued the hallowed grounds at Rocklahoma the last few years, it'd have to be Oklahoma's bipolar weather.

It seems that from 2011 through 2014, the regions horrible drought turned out to be a godsend for festival planners. It's easy to know the weather will be stable when it hadn't rained in years. That all changed in 2015 though, when Rocklahoma was unofficially dubbed the 'Mosh In The Mud.'

That year, it started raining in April, and didn't seem to quit until June. Rocklahoma unfortunately caught the brunt of it. On a fateful Saturday afternoon, mid-Anthrax-performance, the skies opened and started dumping rain in the 'inches per hour' category of soaker storms.

That Spring, as the rains kept coming day in and day out, the rivers were full, the ground was saturated, and there was nowhere for the water to runoff to. As Pryor Creek rose, the festival grounds and camp grounds flooded. By nightfall, anyone at Rocklahoma was more or less stuck at Rocklahoma. The roads in and out were closed due to high water.

Eventually, the rain stopped, campgrounds drained, and day three was underway. Everyone missed out on Volbeat and Linkin Park in the rain cancellation, but it wouldn't hinder the spirit of those looking for one more day of mayhem.

As the amps warmed up, crowds flowed in, and the louder the music got, the more people played in the mud. It turned into a very memorable year for Oklahoma's biggest party.

2016 also saw a Saturday afternoon rain delay, but nobody cancelled performances... Festival organizers adjusted schedules, kept everyone in the loop, and every band was able to do their thing on stage.

As 2017 is underway, even though the forecast keeps changing, Saturday is looking doomed so far. There's a chance for scattered storms early in the day, and widespread severe storms that night. Lets hope Mother Nature can cool her jets long enough to get through a Rocklahoma without having to bust out the hoodies and rain boots.

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