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From gift giving to holiday movie specials to Santa Claus, Christmas time is one of the most best times of the year… and one of the most stressful ones. We know you're frantically browsing the web for last-minute presents, funny tidbits about the holiday and funny videos to watch. So, to take some pressure off your shoulders, here's — pretty much — the ultimate guide to Christmas. Nearly everything you're searching for on the web is finally in one place… Your welcome.


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Most of us are looking forward to the gift giving and family dinners associated with the traditional December holidays. But many people from all over the world, however, are instead ready to dress up, storm the streets or even just sleep an extra day. Here are some December festivities worth some hype that don’t get quite as much attention as Christmas and Hanukkah… READ MORE


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Santa Claus! The Jolly Old Elf! The Guy In The Red Suit Hanging From a Hook On The Ceiling! Wait, what? Sure there's plenty of delightfully fun figurines of Old Saint Nick, but there's a few far too disturbing and bizarre for any tree trimming party. Here's ten of the best…And by best, we mean pretty weird… READ MORE


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While the real Santa is a jolly old elf, some of his impostors who begin to pop up all around the non-frozen parts of the planet come Christmas time are a tad rough around the edges… READ MORE


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Looking for a simple holiday treat recipe? Then consider these Santa Hat Brownies, which are made from ready-to-bake brownie mix, vanilla-mascarpone buttercream and strawberries. Ingenious! (And probably very yummy.) … READ MORE




Between all the pies, cookies, Christmas hams and latkes – it is easy to gorge on food during the holiday season. But you shouldn’t let the holiday season be a time to overindulge. Here are some tips so you can have a healthier holiday season… READ MORE


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With the holiday season comes that most sacred of holiday traditions which is, or course, drinking heavily for the month of Decemeber. It seems as though a virus has contaminated our nation's alcohol supply, a virus that started with vodka distillers and has spread its tendrils across our precious booze industry: flavorings. And so, some truly awful ideas have made their way to market. Here are ten liquors you'll probably be spitting out in disgust this holiday season… READ MORE




If you haven’t already gotten on the road to celebrate the holidays with friends and family – or run away from them – here are a few safety tips to make your holiday season a happy and secure one… READ MORE



Charles Schulz's 'Peanuts' characters have become timeless classics, thanks to their long-lasting presence in newspapers and their many animated TV specials. (“It's Arbor Day Again, Charlie Brown!”) A big part of the characters' success is thanks to the classic 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' TV special… READ MORE



When it was released in 1983, ‘A Christmas Story’ was only a modest success. However, over the years, constant television airings of the movie during the holiday season has made Ralphie Parker and the gang almost as synonymous with Christmas as the characters in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ … READ MORE


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The industry, er, holiday known as Christmas dominates not only the last two months of each year, but has also spawned its own genre of film. There are good holiday flicks (‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’), mediocre ones ('Jingle All the Way') and ones so awful, we'd rather drink expired egg nog than be forced to sit through them ('Christmas With the Kranks'). And then there are the films set during Christmas that over time have become required viewing for anyone who is sick of yet another airing of 'Miracle on 34th St.' … READ MORE



As any true TV addict knows, the true meaning of Christmas is to give your fave shows the once-a-year opportunity to get all preachy and filled with holiday cheese, er, cheer. You may want to turn on the boob tube for a good laugh — but at Christmastime, you're going to learn something, darn it! The following seven Christmas-themed sitcom classics are some of the most awkwardly awesome ones out there… READ MORE


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The holiday season is synonymous with timeless, classic films like 'It’s A Wonderful Life,' 'Miracle on 34th Street' and 'Holiday Inn.' Even more recent favorites like “A Christmas Story,' 'Love, Actually' and 'Elf' instantly put us in the mood to cozy up to the fire and sip a cup of Yuletide cheer… READ MORE


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Art doesn't imitate life — it imitates television! Just check out these 10 TV-influenced handicrafts brought to you by some of the clever craftsellers at Etsy. We consider each a fitting homage to some of our favorite must-see TV. They also make great gifts for your couch potato pals and/or loved ones… READ MORE



Everybody loves holiday lights. You get to show off your house and celebrate the Season of Giving and love for your fellow man. Also, in some cases your past as an electrician and ability to burn energy compared to your neighbors. Here are 10 lighting displays that will make you wonder just how much time some people have… READ MORE



To make this year's Christmas tree the best one yet, your tree trimming's gotta go beyond plain old balls. It has to have actual…well, you get the idea. Instead, outfit your “royal Tannenbaum” with some of these cheeky, charming ornaments, ready and waiting for you on Amazon, Etsy and other online emporiums of holiday cheer… READ MORE




It's the most wonderful time of the year, when snowflakes fall from the sky, collect on the ground… and then get turned into profound works of art. (Or video game characters.) Here are the ten most awesome snowmen we found on the internet… READ MORE



Holiday shopping is one step above torture but getting crappy presents is even worse. It’s as if your friends and family don’t know a thing about your hobbies or interests. It’s probably payback because you don’t know a thing about their hobbies, interests or even the names of their children. “Is it Dean or Dan? Dean. Right. Come here and shake your uncle’s hand Dan!” … READ MORE


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The greatest trick the Devil ever played? That time he bought a 'Cabbage Patch Doll' for the holidays, told the clerk it was for “his kid,” but really, it was for his collection. What guy hasn't hasn't bought an awesome toy under the guise of “it's for a child” when really he is going to get much more enjoyment out of it… READ MORE


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So you’ve managed to find a girl that allows you to play WoW during the week and wear your Darth Vader mask in bed. Awesome! The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what to get her. Don’t worry; we have a list of the perfect gifts for your Geek chick! … READ MORE


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If you are looking to satisfy the sports nut in your life, we have a few suggestions that might make them take their mind off of their Fantasy NASCAR Team or wondering about the intricacies of the BCS algorithm. Of course, if your particular sport nut is a Penn State alum and you like to play in the inappropriate league, we highly recommend ordering them a Nittany Lion Shower Curtain/Towel set from Sears… READ MORE