We didn't bother keeping up with CBS' Stephen King drama, 'Under the Dome,' in its initial 2013 run, given how far-fetched the sci-fi story quickly became, but will the people of Chester's Mill have a brighter day in season 2? CBS has officially set a premiere for Dean Norris and co. to return, along with a date for Stephen Spielberg-Halle Berry drama 'Extant.'

According to CBS' recent panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, 'Under the Dome' season 2 will officially premiere on June 30, its debut episode promising two major deaths to come and a script from Stephen King himself. Executives also revealed that the second season will begin to move beyond the events of King's original novel.

Elsewhere, CBS' next buzzworthy summer drama, 'Extant,' will premiere on Wednesday, July 2, though the network had no footage yet to offer, instead stringing together clips from Halle Berry's movies, while Spielberg promised a melding of sorts between 'A.I.' and 'E.T.' The network otherwise describes 'Extant' as a futuristic thriller chronicling a female astronaut (Berry) attempting to reconnect with her family after a year spent in outer space. and whose experiences lead to events that will forever change the course of human history as we know it.

Well, what do you think? Is 'Under the Dome' worth another shot, or will 'Extant' prove to be the big-ticket drama this summer?

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