Exploring abandoned parks is one of the more unique corners of the web. It's not something a bunch of people do, it's often illegal, and it's generally not a safe activity. That being said, there are a ton of solid exploration videos out on the web. Mostly from closed and defunct Disney parks like Discovery Island, but there are many sites to see the world over.

You're now meeting Rosie. A big Australian "White Pointer" who caught an untimely death in the fishing nets of a troller some twenty years ago. She was shipped to Wildlife Wonderland in Victoria, AU where she was carefully placed into a giant tank of formaldehyde... Fun Fact: Even though the shark is dead, getting a whiff of what's in the tank is enough to mess with your health. It could even kill you... Which is partly urban exploring is so dangerous. You never know what you'll run across.

While it's one of the more creepy things a person can run across, it's kind of neat. Imagine just stumbling across a sixteen foot Great White shark, locked away rotting in its own stew of death. You can read the rest of the story on Ripley's official site.

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