In a Pentagon memo today, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave a fair warning that the requirement for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations will soon be upon all military members. So far, with the final FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine expected to happen early next month, every military member in the United States various forces will be expected to be vaccinated by September 15th. If the approval doesn't happen by then, the military will need a waiver from the presidents desk to go ahead and make shots mandatory, a plan fully supported and endorsed by President Biden.

The case for this forced vaccination has roots in the thought that it will keep America ready to respond to any threat. With so many of our military members in the various armed forces constantly sharing quarters on post, deployed abroad, and especially those sent sailing on ships and submarines, the goal is to avoid the sudden spreading of this disease since so many work and live in such close contact. A very real scenario the Navy experienced early on in 2020.

This decision will add the Covid-19 vaccination to the regular list of already required vaccinations members receive. Depending on the location around the world, some military members will now be required a total of 17 vaccinations in order to serve during their deployments.

The Pentagon has stated that one million troops have already been fully vaccinated around the world, and almost a quarter of a million more have received their first round of shots. All non-military federal personnel that can't be forced to vaccinate and opt out will be sanctioned more heavily with procedural requirements of masks, social distancing, travel restrictions, etc...

In true federal and political style, there were exceptions listed in the footnotes as to who could opt out of the mandatory vaccinations and still remain active in their duties... Those who object on religious reasons they can articulate and those who the vaccine poses a legitimate health threat too... as if they'd had a bad reaction to a vaccine in the past. I'm sure full details will spill out long before the September 15th deadline arrives across the world.

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