There is an easier way to decorate your house, or even place of business for Halloween. Sure you could go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on lights, holiday decorations, pumpkins and all the usual stuff. While there's certainly nothing wrong with traditional decorating, the new trend is projections.

This high tech alternative that uses computer programming and visual aids such as movies, graphics even real subjects to accomplish amazing results. Projections have come a long way and unlike years past you aren't stuck with a one dimension, flat looking display. Check out what one person did to give their place a Halloween makeover using all kinds of different scary and lifelike projections.

One of the biggest benefits of using projections vs. standard lighting and decor is you won't have to staple, nail or in any way damage your home hanging stuff up. Plus storage is a lot simpler, especially if like myself space is limited. Instead of boxes and boxes of lights and decorations you just have the projector. Also, you can program and do different holidays throughout the year that saves even more space and time.

They've certainly come a long way with lights, decorations and even projectors over the past several years. The displays they're able to do now were unthinkable even a few years ago. I think I'm going to have to invest in a projector or two and try my hand at this. I'd love to transform my entire house into a haunted attraction, I'm sure the neighbors would just love that. Not to mention the soundtrack that would be playing!

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