Either Valve overlord Gabe Newell is messing with us, or that reported meeting about between his company and Apple’s CEO about Apple’s new TV and video game console never happened. Newell insists its the latter, telling Seven Day Cooldown that it, like the rest of us, it only wishes that meeting took place.

Here’s an excerpt of Newell’s interview:

No one here was meeting with Tim Cook or with anybody at Apple that day. I wish we were! We have a long list of things we’d love to see Apple do to support games and gaming better. But no, we didn’t meet with Tim Cook. He seems like a smart guy, but I’ve never actually met him.

Keep in mind that if the meeting were indeed secret, it would make sense for all parties to deny that anything took place. Note the qualifiers “that day” and “actually met him,” which still leave holes wide open for a conversation or teleconference having taken place on a different day.

We’ll have to sit tight to find out whether or not Apple is actually planning to release its own touch, voice and motion-controlled game console, along with its HDTV.

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