Growing up, my mom always shared a very odd dream of hers with us kids. She always wanted to buy an old school to make it the family home.

She wanted to turn each classroom into bedrooms, living rooms, and entertaining spaces. The commercial kitchen would do for our large family. Having a gym in your home is every child's dream, and the auditorium could have become the family theater/TV room.

It was a wild idea, but dreams are supposed to be wild and spectacular.

Fast forward to our collective adulthood, mom's odd dream is shockingly common across America. People buy and build old schools into homes all the time. There's even an old bank-home in Cordell that recently sold to a family looking for a unique place to live.

When I stumbled across this listing for an old twin movie theater in Shawnee, I couldn't help but remember Mom's dream. This place would make an incredible home. Check out the pics and try to imagine the possibilities.

Could You Turn This Vintage Oklahoma Theater Into A Home?

It'll take a little imagination to see it yourself, but this old twin theater in Downtown Shawnee could make one heck of a home for a growing family. Heck, you could even divide it into twin duplexes.

With ample space to create a two-level hodge-podge of bedrooms, bathrooms, and all of the creature comforts you'd expect in a home, the only thing you'd have to really stress over would be the money to build it all.

Listed with ReMax/Kinect Realty for the sweet sum of (at time of publishing) $299k, all of the vintage details could lend to a truly unique upbringing for your kids down to the brick street out front.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Check Out This Fancy NYC-Style Apartment For Sale in Oklahoma City

Downtown Oklahoma City might be the last place you'd expect to find luxury beyond a night or two at the Skirvin Hotel, but there are some shockingly fancy and plush apartments available in our state capital city.

Case and point, 131 Park Avenue. A 5,254 square foot, 3-bedroom, 5-bath penthouse apartment on the market for $2.5million. Not only does it come with nearly a century of history, but there's also a garage space, elevator service, and sweeping views of Downtown OKC.

From the outside looking in, it looks very well put together tying ultra-modern styling with classic heartland trends. Lots of glass, lots of warm wood. If you can swing a $16,000 mortgage payment, this could be your next Oklahoma home.

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Top 10 Snobbiest Towns & Cities in Oklahoma

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not calling these places snobby, the internet is. A recent report by identified 10 of the snobbiest towns and cities in Oklahoma. The methodology behind the study used median household incomes, the percentage of the population with college educations, and median home prices in determining just how snobby a town or city is. Most would agree with the results below. Unless you live in one of these places, then you may disagree. Also, keep in mind this list was all done in good fun. Sure there's some truth to the findings but like most places, you'll find both good and bad. Keep scrolling to check out Oklahoma's top 10 snobbiest towns and cities to see if your hometown made the list.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

Oklahoma's Ten Poorest Cities and Towns

While it's a list no municipality aspires to be on, there's one in every state across America. Whether it's due to limited economic opportunities, the failing popularity of once-booming towns, or a generation of youth running away from their hometowns, but nine out of the ten poorest communities exist on the east side of I-35.

Based on the stats of those living at or below the state poverty level, median household incomes, and unemployment, here are the poorest communities in Oklahoma.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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