If you're looking for a little ghostly fun this Halloween take a quick trip to Guthrie, OK. and visit this haunted mansion, The Stone Lion Inn. It's just a short 2 hours away from Lawton, Fort Sill a little over 100 miles down the highway. This will hopefully be the year I finally get to go to the Stone Lion Inn.

I've heard all kinds of crazy things about this place and look forward to experiencing it for myself. This scary story has ghosts, mummies, witchcraft, devil worshipers and all kinds of nightmare fuel. Sounds like some family fun right? Hit play on the video above from YouTube Channel TLC Australia for an inside look into the Stone Lion Inn and all the terrifying tales that go with it.

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The most haunted mansion in Oklahoma the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, OK.

The Stone Lion Inn has been called the most haunted mansion in Oklahoma. It was originally built back in 1907 and at one time was used as a funeral home. Today it's a bed and breakfast, but not just any old bed and breakfast they also do murder mysteries.

Combine that with all the spooky tales and it's a weekend! Some of the stories revolve around the current owner Becky Luker who's been accused of doing witchcraft and performing satanic rituals at the local cemetery with guests who are staying at the Stone Lion Inn.

YouTube.com- TLC Australia

Rumors of dark magic, witchcraft and devil worship at the Guthrie cemetery.

One of the strangest stories is about a man named Elmer McCurdy who was gunned down by the law after a botched train robbery. His body was taken to Pawhuska, OK. where the local mortician turned him into a mummy. He was put on display and people would pay to see his mummified corpse.

At some point his body was sold to a side show, wax museum, then to a carnival. As time pasted those who purchased him thought it was a dummy or fake mummy. They had no idea it was an actual body.

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Grave site of Elmer McCurdy in the Guthrie cemetery a place of rest or haunting?

Eventually it was discovered that it was the real body of Elmer McCurdy and his remains where returned and buried in Guthrie, OK. at the local cemetery. I know what you're thinking "Is this the same cemetery that the current owner of the Stone Lion Inn takes guests to?" Yes it is. As a matter of fact it's his grave they visit.   

This place really has it all when it comes to ghost stories and scary tales. With it only being a short trip from Lawton I have to go. If you're interested in the Stone Lion Inn you can visit their official website for all the details on the bed and breakfast and the murder mystery. You also check them out on Facebook.

YouTube.com- TLC Australia

The inside of the Stone Lion Inn is beautiful, but spooky at the same time. 

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