If there was an Olympic event for how a person responds to walking into a random spiderweb, this lady could probably place somewhere on the podium. It's a classic fight or flight response, and even though the spider totally won that battle, she lives to fight another day.

Lets be honest... There is nothing worse that walking into a spiderweb. There's the sudden realization that any number of venomous killers out there in nature could now be calling your body its new home. It's not enough to just catch a ride on your clothes until it realizes you're not fit for surviving and harvesting new food... you are the new food (in you eyes at least). Crazy enough, the dangerous spiders out there are the least of your worries when it comes to webs.

In Oklahoma, the two main worries are the brown recluse "fiddleback" and the sometimes gargantuan black widows... Both of which spin nonsensical webs along the ground or in structures. The odds of walking into one is pretty rare. Even if you do, you're in luck. Fiddlebacks don't hang around in their web much. They rest in their webs, but they don't catch dinner in their webs. They're active hunters to they find something to eat, grab it curbside, and head back home to enjoy the meal. When disturbed in their webs, black widows will typically fall to the ground and pretend to be dead, turning on their back to show any predator that little red hourglass on their belly as a warning. The only other real worry might be the super painful Wolf spider... but they too are hunters, so they don't spin webs you could walk into either.

Of course, it's never encouraging when you walk into a zipper spiders web... It's just creepy.

Now that you know, you can avoid freaking out the next time you walk into a first world problem.

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