By now you've seen a ton of those "Look Back" videos on Facebook, which makes it look like pretty much all of your friends and loved ones have died and Facebook has done them the morbid courtesy of making a nice obituary montage. Fun! If you're anything like us, you've been ignoring the hell out of them, but here's one you shouldn't ignore: a Look Back video for Walter White of 'Breaking Bad,' which tracks Mr. White's sordid history on the show with humor and plenty of hashtags. Enjoy! 

Brought to you by the guys at the YouTube channel Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues, the video looks back on Walt as he goes from humble teacher to meth kingpin Heisenberg, complete with Heisenberg doodle. In between, there's moments like purchasing the notorious RV in which Walt and Jesse cooked their first batch of meth, the blue meth itself, Skylar and baby Holly (can't forget your family in these montages, you know), and of course that time Walt totally landed an entire pizza on the roof of his house in one easy toss. Nailed it!

We sort of have to deduct a couple of points for the video misspelling Jesse's name, though. Come on! Mr. White would never misspell Jesse's name! At any rate, now that Look Back videos have become "a thing," expect to see tons of fictional characters getting their own in the coming weeks.

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