When it comes to real estate in Lawton, there isn't a shortage of listings. They range from as little as $9,000 for a true "Handyman Special" all the way north of a million dollars for a pretty big parcel of land that will be developed into retirement community McMansions way out on Northeast Cache Road. I don't know about you, but once in a while I'll look around at the real estate here in town just in case I spot something I'd like to invest in. Really, I'd like to buy a lot around my own home to build my dream shop on, but everyone on my block has the exact same idea. So I look around town. Maybe I'll find the perfect space and just sell or rent my home to buy another. Now, I know my personal price range, but occasionally I'll find myself looking at the really high-end stuff out of curiosity. It rarely disappoints.

This time around, the most expensive house for sale in Lawton is located in a neighborhood so new, it's not even on Google Maps yet. In fact, if you search for it, the street doesn't yet exist. It's a huge 3860 square foot home on the new Oaklynn Drive. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this is Southwest of town. Looking in all other directions, Southwest is the only direction Lawton can grow. Cache borders us on the West side, Fort Sill to the North, and the Eastside fad is over since nobody is developing anything more than dollar stores out that way anymore. Southwest it is.

Listed at $679,900, this four bed, four bath home give a lot of home for the price. Who wouldn't love a four car garage or a built in gun safe? Granted, it's a small safe, but there's plenty of closet space to grow more security. A massive master bath, marble floors throughout, a big open entertaining space in the living room/kitchen area, even a dedicated man cave. It looks pretty amazing, but the details get more interesting. Zoned HVAC is the detail that pops out to me. In a house that big, you don't want to have to cool and heat the entire home if it's mostly empty, it's nice to focus those heating and cooling efforts just in the areas of the home you live. Sure to be as efficient as possible because cooling 3860 square feet surely won't be cheap.

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