As divided as we seem in Oklahoma, there's one universal thought I'd wager every Oklahoman shares.

In general, people are making more money than ever, yet still struggling worse than before.

That's just the sad state of our economy. Whether you want to blame it on the rampant inflation we've been experiencing these last three years, or the shrinkflation trends we're all becoming aware of in the grocery stores. Okies are on the monetary struggle-bus at the moment.

The irony is, and I'm sure you've heard the federal administration say this, our economy is shockingly strong... but the small people like you and I aren't the ones benefiting from the record stock market, it's the wealthiest Americans who never compare prices between name-brand and generic cereals.


While we, as humans, naturally tend to let our thoughts rot in a pit of negatives, there are a few positives to note. Mainly, the availability of jobs across the Sooner State.

Oklahoma doesn't currently have a lack of jobs.

That's a true statement whether you agree or not, and to be fair, the only lack may be of jobs people actually want, but in times like these, a bad job is better than no job.

They may not pay as much as you're convinced you're worth, but there used to be a hope in America that the job you don't want would eventually lead to the job you do want.

Take Walmart for example... You may not want to stock shelves or deal with the general public day in and day out, but it's a company that is rumored to make a path to management through various training programs, and those jobs pay really well. Like, it's shocking how well Walmart management jobs pay.


One truth for the American middle and lower class is that nobody ever just fell into a perfect situation. The American Dream requires bold and occasionally rash decisions.

Take the job you're not yet qualified for. Move to where the jobs are. Push yourself to become invaluable, and always look for the next step. Even if that means jumping from company to company onward and upward.

If you were so inclined to make a bold move now for the sake of your own future, here are the places across Oklahoma with the fastest-growing job markets.

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