Rock bands are traditionally well oiled machines onstage, keenly in touch with one another. But sometimes all it can take is one technical mishap to throw a wrench even into the finest of touring bands. So what happens then? Polyphia found themselves in a spot very early on during their 2022 So What Festival appearance Saturday (May 29) when drummer Clay Aeschliman's in-ear monitors started to malfunction, but some quick thinking saved the day (and the rhythm) with the band not really missing a beat.

As details in a TikTok video shared by Belmont's Jason Tyler, Aeschliman and his drum tech really have to be commended for navigating their way through the instrumental rock band's heavily percussive set without the use of the in-ears.

As seen, the drummer notices pretty early on there's an issue, taking out his monitors and explaining, "I can't hear shit." As Aeschliman relies on the metronome to keep his place within the playing, something needs to be done, and quick. So what was the quick fix?

Aeschliman's drum tech was pressed into action as a human metronome, first tapping on the drummer's leg with his hand to simulate the beat and the switching to a drumstick to the leg to keep the beat. Fans might not have noticed anything was off, which is exactly what you'd hope for as a band.

Polyphia will be back in action, hopefully with everything functioning as it should, when they kick off a tour with Unprocessed and Death Tour at Houston's House of Blues on July 28. See dates and get ticketing info here.

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