Fun story... About eight years ago, I was running a bar with a buddy in our little hometown in Northern Oklahoma. The bar sat on a fair amount of land and busy road frontage, so we'd let people set their farm equipment up to sell for a small commission. Most of it was tractors and lawn mowers. Because we didn't want to incur any of the risk, it was one of those 'At your own risk' type things.

A few months goes by, lots of equipment sold, more money changed hands, and everything worked pretty smooth until the local Jugga-Lowe's hardware store started selling really cheap trailer locks. I remember them being yellow, heavy, and initially pretty impressive. It was the type of product you bought and felt secure using. As people sold tractors and mowers, they'd just leave it on the trailer they hauled it with, locked up with hitch and called it good... until one day, one of those friends had the experience of a lifetime.

He called us to see if he could leave a skidloader out front to sell. No problem. We let everyone do that... So he pulls up with that piece of equipment on a trailer, undoes the hitch, locks it with one of those yellow hitch locks, moves his pickup to the parking lot and comes in for a beer. One conversation lead to another and he ended up talking to a guy about it for two beers... Give or take half an hour... When he decided he needed to head back home, he stood up, walked out the front door, and noticed his trailer was gone.

Initially he thought one of us was playing a prank on him... but in rural Oklahoma, you don't play with heavy equipment, especially if it didn't belong to you. We all walked over to inspect the area, and laying on the ground was that pretty new yellow trailer lock. Someone hit it with a hammer, it shattered, and they left without anyone noticing somewhere in that thirty minutes he was there.

With a quick Google search, we all learned together just how useless these locks were. And I would have sworn it was the worst lock in the world, until I saw this. It literally took three seconds to open. If you care about your stuff, take the time to lock it up properly. Especially in this town.

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