We Came As Romans have been delivering their electronic-infused wave of metalcore for over a decade now, and continue to build on their sound. The group has now released a new new video for their song, "Lost in the Moment" off their upcoming album Cold Like War. Watch the clip above. The disc comes out Oct. 20 via SharpTone Records.

It's exciting to see just how far the band has come in regards to their electronic production. The synth sounds in the song have a life all their own, finding some similarities in synth-pop and chiptunes to give the song a different kind of texture. There's a great balance between genuinely chill, laid back rock music before the band launches into attention with their head-banging metalcore stylings. These two worlds collide into each other at the advent of its breakdown, which slams into the listener with a total, glitched out sound.

Of the song, bassist Andy Glass says, "This song is about not getting caught in the monotony and routine of life. Being able to truly experience every day, instead of cruising on autopilot watching life pass you by. Making the conscious effort of breathing life in, taking a risk, or being adventurous. We tried to portray this in our video with various colors and objects. The box and the static represents being trapped in routine. The colors and the ink effects represent the feeling of breaking free. Because at the end of the day, you're the only one to blame for not putting the effort forth to make the most out of each day."

Earlier this month, the band announced the record, while also releasing the title track to the album Cold Like War. It represented the other side of the band, the in-your-face and aggressive element to their songwriting that's gripped a multitude of fans since their explosive beginnings on the scene.

Watch "Lost in the Moment" above, and pre-order Cold Like War.

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