Back in December, I went on and on about the possibility of a record snow year. Since then, we have a few snow storms come through but nothing really stuck around longer than a day. Even though we're into January and temps seem pretty pleasant, people generally start looking at this time of year as almost spring. That's just not the case.

Historically, even though we experienced a February in the 90's a few years ago, the second month of a new year is always the coldest and most brutal in SWOK. I'm not entirely sure why either. You would think January would be the infamous month in the dead of Winter, but February is king of cold sting here. Maybe it's the same reason why late summer is always so hot. Months of warm upswells pushing warm air into our region finally don't have to work so hard to make things hot. Maybe February is the month where Mother Nature doesn't have to work so hard to get those frigid high pressure systems this far south.

While it's nowhere in our current forecast, I still think we're in for at least one serious snow storm between now and Spring Break. I'm actually hoping it happens. I love the cold weather. Cooking outside over an open flame, sitting around that same open flame, it's just too hot to do that kind of stuff normally regarded as a summer activity during the actual summer. Of course, on days like yesterday, it's kind of a risk in those types of high dry winds. Still, I digress... Winter is still coming.

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