For the last few weeks, workers have been busy putting a facelift on the old Hastings building in mid-town. The ultra-90's architecture is gone, stucco is going up in a neutral color, and they're adding what appears to be a drive-thru on the North side. Could it be CVS is about to put the squeeze on the Walgreen's across the street? That's kind of their market strategy. Almost every CVS location in the state is across the street from a Walgreen's. If that were the case, it would be a humongous location.

Besides that, would it really make sense for CVS to compete in that space? Four pharmacies on one corner... Competing with Walgreen's is one thing, but adding Walmart and Sam's Club to the mix for that same business? Stranger things have happened. There's more rumors floating around that another furniture store, someone swore Goodwill was consolidating there, even heard about a new restaurant... but those suggestions only add more questions. Surely it can't be that good of a secret. What do you think?


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