I honestly don't get it.  It's just a season change, but there is definitely something about Fall that makes us want to de-clutter, spruce-up, and settle into our homes for the season. It's not just me either, my daughter has cleaned kids rooms and her kitchen cabinets this weekend.  James and I took Saturday morning and dragged everything out of our backyard shed, and went through 90% of it and trashed a BUNCH. (That 10% will live to see another day!)

I know that technically Fall doesn't start until September 22, but this weekend, I just couldn't help myself any longer, and did a little Fall-ing at my house.  I kept it localized to just my mantle, and I'm not gonna lie, I think it is super cute!

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

I'm a check list girl, and when I started thinking about the upcoming season, I really wanted to find ways to make our home more efficient, and more welcoming welcoming for the guests that we expect in the next few months.  I found some suggestions that I thought you might like as well!

What to Purge before Fall:

  • Toys - the only ones we have at our house are for grandkids and they are still used regularly, and so they will stay
  • pantry - I never have to worry about that, James is a neat freak and he's always arranging it
  • Closets - Now you're getting personal!  I currently hold ownership of 3 bedroom closets in my house.  And, I'm losing weight, so I REALLY need to go through all of them.  I've already got two bags of clothes started!
  • Car Trunk - again, too close to home.  I like to haul all my stuff with me wherever I go, so I keep tons of stuff in my car.  Crazy? I like to think not, but, I must confess, I need to do this right away!
  • Purse or Back Pack - Why go through them?  I just get a new purse, and start all over!  I cannot tell you how many times, I've found money in an old purse.  That's another incentive I guess!

Decorating for Fall is an added bonus for getting Fall ready, other areas where you can prepare for the new season. Organize kitchen drawers, shift mentally for slowing down by keeping a journal, and,  of course, light those pumpkin spice candles and nest.  It's the best!

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