While the CDC and World Health Organization held fast on their advice that masks won't help you during this outbreak, word came down from The White House that every American should be wearing a mask anytime they leave the house. Given we're experiencing a global shortage of personal protective equipment, and most of that is being reserved for the medical field, the humble bandana is the go-to advised piece of non-medical cloth suggested by officials.

That being said, it's now illegal to buy bandanas in Lawton. At least that's what every bandana-selling business we've contacted has said. I don't think these essential workers are taking the new local mandates too far with a little new authority. More than likely, this is probably just another unlucky side note on the growing list of shortsightedness we've been getting from our local leaders.

Then again, perhaps I'm being too hard on our elected officials. Perhaps bandanas were considered clothing back in their day. For the older (most of them) in the bunch, I figured they'd understand the bandana to be a kind of handkerchief. So why are they now considered clothing? Nobody has worn a bandana as clothing since slutty bar girls made them popular as shirts in the mid-2000's. I can't remember a time prior or since. It just makes me wonder, when the revised rules for this failure in policy will be fixed.

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