You would think that since it's 2019, it would be common knowledge across the world to not touch a bison... Or buffalo... I'm not a species scientific name snob, so if you want to call them buffalo, be my guest, call them buffalo... but above all, try and remember that they are 1,000-2,200 pounds of pure explosive nature. You don't want to be rubbing shoulders with them.

This poor little nine year old girl didn't get the memo, and apparently neither did her parents. That's the two people you see running away just before their daughter catches a free flight from Yellowstone.

Reports say that earlier in the day, people were actually walking up to and petting this magnificent beast. And don't get me wrong, you get the chance to pet an absolute unit like this, give it a go... Just know that at any moment, they could take just as much interest in you.

It reminds me of a time when we trapped a small opossum in the basement here at the studios. It was probably only a few months old, but was scared and didn't realize we humans weren't out to eat him. We trapped it in an empty garbage can until animal control could swing by. As time went on, and it being so young and almost cute, one of our less bright coworkers decided they would try to pet it. Read that again. They wanted to tame a young wild opossum trapped in a confined space, and were completely shocked and disheartened when that little booger nipped at them.

It was hilarious. I can still hear Critter walking though the halls saying "Life isn't a Disney movie! Animals don't want to be your friend!" Good times.

The nine year old girl in the video was fine.

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