There are two things in this world that make people go a little crazy... Full moons and hot weather.

Apparently, the heat is just enough to make at least one old lady up in Tulsa strip down and take off running down the road buck-naked.


Yep. She was letting it all hang out there for any and everyone to see. It had to be a wild sight to see.

Luckily, since this is 2023 and everything lives online, you too can see the madness. Someone caught it and put it on Instagram.

Look at her go!

While the naked part is definitely a 7.8 on the weirdometer, I can totally understand her git-up-and-go across that crosswalk. You know how hot it gets in Oklahoma, and that concrete has to be piping hot!

Odds are, this is just one of those super methed up situations that we've all been privileged enough to experience second-hand.

Here's hoping you're not related to her.


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