Don't know about you, but I think it's hilarious that the moment the 38th & Gore Stripes closing was announced, floods of comments came in about "Oh, another spot for a car wash!" They've literally become the new pawn shop in our small military town.

Rhetoric aside, Lawton sure does have a lot of car washes, but it's not out of the ordinary at the moment.

There was a report that came out about a decade ago that predicted car wash services would be a top-five small business across America. That's what caused the expansion of this industry in every moderate-to-large-sized city in the country. It's not just a Lawton thing, it's happening everywhere.

Here we are in another new year and car washes are listed as the second most profitable small business an entrepreneur could establish across the country... that's why we are seeing them pop up everywhere.

When that Stripes closes it's going to leave a small hole in the area, isn't it? I mean gas is available just a mile north or south on 38th, and half a mile east on Gore... but I think it's a universal human thing that we hate having to get out and about for the small stuff like a quick drink, snack, a pack of batteries, etc... That's why we love corner stores and don't mind paying the ridiculous hyper-inflated prices for the convenience.

Is it destined to become another car wash for Lawton? Meh... Hard to say. It'll probably become available real estate, but there's really nothing around that area besides the lonely gas station. Time will tell.

If it does become a car wash, is it too much to ask for self-service foam cannons and filtered high-pressure water?

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