Will Ferrell, last seen wondering the fields of North Platte, Nebraska, popped up at another unexpected locale Wednesday night.

The funnyman was in New Orleans filming ‘Dog Fight.’ So he decided to hop on over to the New Orleans Arena and do the intros for the Hornets-Chicago Bulls game.

Ferrell’s appearance clearly delighted the crowd. After all, the Hornets are 4-22, so the fans that had showed up weren’t necessarily there for the quality basketball. The players didn’t react much to the intros, which included made up factiods like Hornets’ guard Marco Belinelli actually hates Italian food, and 30-year old Bulls’ forward Carlos Boozer lives with his mom.

But after the game Boozer, who probably got the worst of it, was nothing but honored to be spoofed by Ferrell. “We’re all Will Ferrell fans,” he explained. “One of the funniest dudes of our generation, man.”

Ferrell’s quip also seemed to motive Boozer, who scored 18 points as the Bulls walloped the hapless Hornets 90 to 67.

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