If you haven't paid attention for the last month or so, Tulsa is the competition to Austin to be the new home of Tesla Motors. Elon Musk is so upset with California and their response to the 'rona that he's packing his car company and moving... at least that's his threat. And if we can be realistic about it, it's probably an empty threat.

The real buzz is, it's an easy perception on how Elon Musk would look at Austin, Texas and think "I should build a factory there." Austin is popular among the core demographic of EV fans in the Lone Star State... But how in the world did he figure Tulsa, Oklahoma into that thought? It's the type of place President Trump refers to as a "S**thole." Then again, most popular cities are. Areas of old and underdeveloped neighborhoods next door to McMansion walled villages... It's like seeing The Enclave on 38th Street from the rear entrance. It just doesn't make any sense. But I have a thought on why Tulsa is even in the conversation...

Elon Musk is playing the Red River Rivalry in order to get Texas to change their laws on purchasing vehicles. If you didn't know, you can't buy a Tesla in Texas. State law says you need an established dealership in order to do so, and that's not Tesla's business model. For the record, Oklahoma has the same law. If you want a Tesla, you'll have to pick it up in Kansas City. It makes total sense, Texas is the second largest state in America, why wouldn't you want free reign to sell cars direct to the almost 30million residents?

I'm sure in the days and/or weeks to come, Tulsa will slowly fade out of its excitement for what could have been a ton of jobs... but I think Austin will too. Elon Musk is mad at California. And like anything a person gets angry about, he'll come down off that hateful high and realize staying in the building he currently occupies is the correct business decision. Tesla isn't going anywhere, but that's just my opinion.


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